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Testing your Setup

Tabs 2.png

The test tab enables you to test anything from a single channel, all channels for a model or all channels by sending different test patterns to your physical lights. Ensure that output is enabled by selecting the Output To Lights button. At the end of testing, click on the Lights Off button.

Select individual or multiple channels using the Control, Shift keys as described or select all lights.

Once you have selected a set of channels, you can save this individual set up as a test configuration for future repeat testing by clicking on the Save button and specifying a name for that group of channels. You can load a previously saved test configuration by clicking on the Load button.

Different test functions are available for RGB, non RGB lights as well as the option to execute different test cycles. You can also select and change background as well as highlight colors and control the speed of the function using the controls provided.

Note: Output from the test tab is always in RGB sequence.

A quick way to test your lights to ensure the correct RGB, BRG, GRB etc. is set properly, is to turn on channel 1 - that should turn on RED.

Next would be to turn on channel 2, that should be Green and finally Channel 3 should turn on Blue.