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Some suggestions for the main Wiki page.

  • Perhaps the developers stuff can be moved to a separate page , with a link from the main page , thereby giving more space on the front page.
  • Then move the xlnc_front image to the top of the main page (this is the same one as from the front page of the manual - This has been added-EK
  • Then perhaps have more sub options (aka sub pages) from the xlights/Nutcracker list that is on the right hand side , so that they are visible (some of the pages have already been created, but are only visible when in a sub page). Perhaps that whole collection can be within its own thin border
  • Maybe move the references and resources section to the right or down
  • is it possible to hide the last few lines from the main page ie MediaWiki help and settings or have that on the left hand side under tools? - This has been completed-EK