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Nc-wiki2.jpg NOTE: Below is a list of great places and groups to learn about the xLights/Nutcracker program as well as to learn about various lighting methods used by this community. If you have questions, be sure to check out these places. There is a lot of knowledge in these forums and groups to get you started! Nc-wiki2.jpg


Forum Admin(s)
Official xLights/Nutcracker Forum Sean Meighan
Falcon Christmas Forum
Falcon Pi Player (FPP) Forum
Australian Christmas Lighting Forum
Do It Yourself Christmas Forum
Planet Christmas Forum
Light-O-Rama Forum
LSP Forum
DIY Christmas Forum
DIY Light Animation Forum
Lone Star Holidays Forum
Holiday University Forum
Christmas Carolina Forum
Planet Christmas Forum


Forum Admin(s)
The Official xLights/Nutcracker Facebook Group Sean Meighan
xLights/Nutcracker Support Facebook Group Lyman Rate, Barry Deditch, Jim Saul
Light-O-Rama Users Facebook Group Luke Kamp
Light o Rama ideas/lights shows Jordan Winton
Introduction to RGB Jim Saul, Gary martin, Jeffrey Koehler, Steve Lelinski, Christopher Paglino, Stacey Marie,James Lewis
Advanced RGB and Pixels 101 Jeff Mcintyre
Light Show Pro Users Brian Flanders, Tom Langley
Extreme Pixels and LEDs Chuck Note, Dan Ancona
The Blinky Lab Zachary Stoltenberg
Synchronized Christmas Lights Jim Canfield, Gary martin
COS LightsUp Kevin Pickett